I want to write!

Probably not something you hear very often from a PhD student. Too reminiscent perhaps of that troublesome manuscript gathering proverbial dust for the past twelve months deep in the recesses of your hard drive, writing isn’t something a typical scientist yearns for. But after an embarrassingly long hiatus from posting on this blog, I realize – just now, tonight, as I’m writing this – how much I miss it. And how important it is to me.

Not that I haven’t tried – over the past (gulp) almost more than two years, I’ve told myself repeatedly that I want to get back on the blogging bandwagon – revamp this site, give it some flair to reflect the “new” me. The now seasoned (hah!) doctoral student – my countless meetings and discussions outnumbered perhaps only by the ensuing failures and frustrations.

All I’ve managed to do in that time is accumulate a dozen or so drafts of different blog posts (I truly despise that word now, draft, errgh). Sitting there on my computer, waiting. For what? Inspiration, I often tell myself – typical scientist behaviour.

So here it is – no long-winded comeback speech, promises of inspiring life lessons or anything of the sort. Just this – a short post to kick it off. Like everything in my life at the moment, the rest will come slowly – piece by piece.

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