Sunday in the city

I realize its been exactly a month since my last blog post. I feel awful, I should be dedicating more time to writing! But I digress … I’m here to give you a synopsis of the past month and the coming days.
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I get bored when I have no work to do. I just finished my lab report (which I’ve been working on for six weeks now) and handed it in this afternoon, and having moved to a new city just two weeks ago I really should have some more fun things on my todo list. Alas, it is Sunday. And this is France. Bordeaux is very quiet on the Sabbath, the bus that usually passes by my building thrice an hour to take me to the city centre is nowhere to be found. I’m not complaining, that gives me the chance to lie on my couch and write.
The city is beautiful, although I haven’t had enough time to see all of its beauty. It’s relatively small compared to Berlin, and it has a nice historic feel to it. Classes have been interesting so far, the French professors have so far kindly stuck to teaching in English (phew). Most of my classes involve addiction or psychopharmacology in some way, and I’m finding the material intriguing.
Tomorrow my new academic year at the university of Edinburgh starts again, with a course on clinical history taking and examination skills. I’m excited, as I’ve missed the online learning platform over the past couple of months. Later this year we get to take some specialized elective courses, which I’m really looking forward to!
I’ll be traveling this week, to Geneva first to see my sister who’s attending a workshop there, and then to Brussels for a negotiation and communications seminar organized by the Erasmus Mundus association. I’ll be posting more about my travels soon.

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