Back again …

Hello everyone! I’ve been gone a while, but now I’m back with some updates and the promise of a string of great posts in the next few weeks.
I had my Edinburgh assessment week a few weeks ago, it went smoothly, followed by my module final exam for my neuroscience course in Berlin. That also went surprisingly well, and now I have three weeks of R&R to look forward to. Well, not really.
The great news is that I flew back home to Sudan yesterday for the holidays. The ermmm … Other news is that I have a ton of stuff to do in my break, including gather some extra credit points by participating in some online courses, reading up on the topic of my upcoming lab rotation (*excitement*) and preparing for next year’s Edinburgh and Berlin modules. At least I’m looking forward to having more time to share my experiences with you via this blog this time, since I will be mainly working from home. 😀
First and foremost, I need to fix my sleeping pattern, (it’s almost 3am here) so good night!

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