Head-first into the research abyss

The beginning of October officially marked the start of my career as a scientific author. The project was a small epidemiological study I conducted in my second year of medical school in collaboration with a colleague of mine and a visiting physiology professor. The survey took months of hard work, including hours of data collection from random subjects around the streets of Khartoum. This was before I had received any formal education in research methodology (although I had taken a course in Biostatistics), and I have learned a lot since then. The process of publication itself turned out to be an even more lengthy and tedious task than the data collection, analysis and writing up of the article – which I had not expected (this being my first experience with scientific journals). I finally breathed a sigh of relief a couple of weeks ago when I saw the article in print. Below is a link to the full-text version of the paper.


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