Here we go …

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog.
Let me start by explaining a few things about this blog.

The title is derived from a Latin phrase which means ‘Learn or leave’ (alternatively ‘aut disce aut discede’ meaning ‘either learn or leave’). The phrase applies to my life in several ways – I am passionate about both learning and teaching, both of which (fortunately for me) are integral aspects of a career as a physician. Particularly in the field of medicine, the expectations to be constantly up-to-date, to teach others and to have a sound academic and research mindset can often be overwhelming. It is for this reason that I decided after graduating medical school and completing my postgraduate clinical internship to focus all my energy, at least for now, on academia. I am currently pursuing two postgraduate degrees in parallel – a daunting task, but one I hope will help my career flourish.

The namesake of this blog also reflects on how proud I am to be a student at one of the most renowned and prestigious academic institutions in the world – the University of Edinburgh. Nothing I can write about the university can do justice to its reputation however, let me highlight a couple of things that I found most interesting (there will be more about this in my future posts). With five Nobel Laureates in the field of medicine associated with the university, its easy to see why it would appeal to anyone in my line of work. The list of notable alumni includes pioneers in medicine, surgery, psychiatry, pathology and neurology. Joseph Bell, a physician and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s (another Edinburgh alumnus, and one of my favorite authors) inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, was a lecturer at the university.

This post was a short introduction to the blog and its purpose, my next posts will provide more information about myself, about the university program which I am enrolled in and my experiences, both personal and academic.

I truly hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!

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